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Techniques and Services

Techniques and services at Musick Chiropractic Center in AbingdonThe gentle, specific techniques used at our office will be selected for you based on your individual needs.

Network Spinal Analysis

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) was developed by Donald Epstein, D.C. It is a gentle, low-force method of chiropractic that supports the body’s natural ability to self-correct.

By applying precise contacts along the spine, the application of NSA engages the brain and nervous system to self-assess, release stored tension and reorganize to a state that is more energy efficient.

Over time, new strategies are developed within the nervous system and body, which allow a person to better adapt to stressors. Patients report experiencing increased vitality, wellness and an enhanced quality of life.

Logan Basic Technique

Logan Basic Technique was developed in 1931 by Hugh B. Logan, D.C., founder of Logan College of Chiropractic. This safe and gentle technique assesses body mechanics with emphasis on sacral and pelvic subluxations and their associated spinal distortions. It is a full-spine adjusting technique using low-force contacts, including those applied at the base of the spine and along the spine itself.

It can be especially effective for pregnant women as their bodies adapt to changing biomechanics throughout their pregnancy, as well as post-partum.

SacroOccipital Technique

Developed by Dr. Major B. DeJarnette, SacroOccipital Technique uses gentle contacts and specific positioning to identify and address patterns in the body and central nervous system. Special attention is given to the relationship between the base of the skull and the base of the spine. Cranial bones, the jaw and extremities may all be addressed.

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