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Meet Dr. Amanda Musick

Receiving Life-long Care

Dr. Amanda Musick Abingdon Chiropractor

Dr. Amanda Musick

Dr. Amanda was first adjusted within hours after she was born. She has been under chiropractic care with her dad, Dr. Tim, for her entire life. Even when she moved away from home, she would find a chiropractor to take care of her until she saw her dad again.

It was when Dr. Tim started doing Network Spinal Analysis as a technique that Dr. Amanda was intrigued by the chiropractic profession.

Feeling Connected from Chiropractic

Dr. Amanda attended a healing workshop where she received Network Spinal Analysis care. There was a moment when she knew she wanted to share what she was experiencing with others.

This type of care has given her a greater and deeper sense of awareness of her health and body. It has helped her to heal and to make it through her own health crisis. Dr. Amanda feels her life is more connected and synchronistic when she receives Network Spinal Analysis chiropractic care.

Carrying on a Family Tradition

Following in her father’s and great-grandfather’s footsteps, Dr. Amanda attended Logan College of Chiropractic. She especially enjoyed her anatomy class and learning how all the body’s systems work together.

Dr. Amanda enjoys sharing the importance of receiving chiropractic care, staying well and preventing degeneration down the line. Dr. Amanda supports her patients in their own wellness and helps them to have a greater sense of their physical, emotional and spiritual states. She will empower you to take your health in your own hands by becoming more self-aware.

Dr. Amanda joined Dr. Tim at his practice in 2015. She has over 15 years of massage therapy experience. Dr. Amanda felt ready to settle down in her community and chose to transition into becoming a chiropractor and provide healing care to the Abingdon area.

Outside-the-Office Pursuits

When she’s not in the office practicing, Dr. Amanda enjoys hiking, biking, snowboarding, creating mosaic artwork, meditating, and studying health, wellness and the nature of consciousness.

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