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What Our Patients Say…Continued

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Musick Chiropractic Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Health and happiness,
Dr. Tim Musick

Doris received help from Abingdon Chiropractor

I can jump on the table now!

After seeking care from Dr. Musick, she can gratefully report that she is able to take less medication, and is almost pain free!

“When I first came to Dr Musick, I could hardly walk because of my sciatica. During my thorough examination with him, he said “get up on the table.” I looked at him and asked if he was kidding, I could barely move. But with his help I got up on the table. Since then, I have come a long way. I can jump on the table now, and I am moving like my old self. People who see me can’t believe how well I am doing. I am experiencing no pain in my hip and leg now. I began seeing Dr. Musick because I knew there had to be a better way other than the drugs that the orthopedic doctor wanted to give me. I wanted it fixed and I knew that the drugs would not fix what was wrong with me. I am now feeling better than I have in a very long time. I am so thankful to my friend who recommended Dr. Musick.”

Needed a Real Solution

After suffering lower back pain and stiffness, and also tension in her neck and shoulders, Kathleen felt like it was time to try something different and make an appointment for her initial exam with Dr. Musick. She had been receiving standard “popping and cracking” chiropractic care for years, but felt like those adjustments never “held”. The pain was bad enough to start to affect daily life and tasks like vacuuming or mopping. It also took a toll on joyful tasks like gardening.

She received a thorough examination from Dr. Musick and started receiving weekly care, and since has improved immensely. She no longer has to take anti-inflammatory drugs, and comfort while sleeping has also improved.

“The care that I’m getting now from Dr. Musick has been wonderful. I’m finally losing the TENSION in my low back, hips and neck that always pulling on my spine. I can even mop my floors again without pain. I’m able to play my flute with less pain!! The tension and anger issues from everyday life challenges is melting away – something other chiropractors could not do for me. I look forward to more improvements as we continue in the future.”

New Patient Visit

I was very impressed with the time that was taken to examine me and explain what was going on. I also really liked the fact that nerve scan was done. It showed problem areas I had not even mentioned yet, but the nerves lead to areas I knew had been issues in the past. The staff was very nice and helpful. Even walking in the door was a welcoming feeling.

Sharon receievs help from Dr. Musick, Chiropractor in Abingdon

After 6 months, I was completely off all medications, my sinuses and lungs were completely clear, and I was breathing normal. – Sharon

Long Illness

When I first came to see Dr. Musick, I had been very ill with walking pneumonia and bronchitis, and was being medicated with antibiotics and anti-histamines. This had been going on for over six(6) months with the doctors switching my meds every month. It was then I came to see Dr. Musick.

At the same time, I was having back, hip, and neck pain. I was unable to sit working at the computer or sewing machine for more than 30 minutes at a time when my neck would lock up on me and I would get shooting pains down my right arm.

After seeing Dr. Musick for 6 months, I was completely off all medications, my sinuses and lungs were completely clear, and breathing was normal.

Today, I have very little back and hip pain and have no problem sitting at the computer for up to 6 hours at a time. I can also use the sewing machine with no problem and no pain in my arm.

I know this is because of my visits with Dr. Musick and am better today because if his care.

Zeb shows amazing improvement after seeking care from Abingdon Chirorpactor, Dr. Musick

It is really amazing how our son has improved. – Zeb’s mother

Chronic Ear Infections

(told by Zeb’s mother, Lisa) Our story begins in August 2005 with our three year old son Zeb. Zeb kept having chronic ear infections with a runny congested nose that contained bacteria. We would take him to the doctor and he would put Zeb on ten days of antibiotics. Within four to five days after finishing the antibiotics, the infection would return.

The cycle repeated three times with three different antibiotics, none of which worked. With up to sixty days of our son having been on antibiotics and still no cure, the doctor had one option left to try! He suggested we have tubes put in Zeb’s ears. My husband and I were against this, though we had heard some good and some bad stories from parents of children who had had the surgery.

A friend, with whom we had shared our dilemma, suggested we try a chiropractor. We called around and found an office that worked with children. That’s how we found Dr Musick. Dr. Musick met with our family and examined Zeb, and to our surprise, his spine was out of alignment. Dr. Musick attributed this in a large part to Zeb’s chronic problems.

Zeb began receiving spinal adjustments and was placed on a strict diet for two weeks. He ate only fruits, vegetables, very limited animal products, and no grains (we continue this as much as possible now). Visits were frequent at first and Zeb responded quickly. It is now Feb 2006 and Zeb HAS NOT had any ear infections or bacteria in his nose. It is really amazing how our son has improved. Recently he saw his regular doctor, who upon checking Zeb was happy to report that his ears appeared healthy

Bert had his hearing and migraines improved by Abingdon Chiropractor

Also to my surprise, the hearing in my right ear improved. – Bart

Migraine Headaches

I came to see Dr. Musick for a severe migraine headache. For three weeks I had a headache daily, tempered somewhat by over the counter medications. My MD prescribed propanol, which again tempered the pain somewhat but I new I wasn’t getting better. I began also experiencing visual disturbances. At this point I began to get concerned of a impending stroke or some other more serious problem. My wife was seeing Dr. Musick and suggested I visit him for an examination, which I did.

Dr. Musick performed an examination and found vertebral misalignments in my spine, especially the first two next to the base of my skull. He saw me twice the first day for spinal treatments and by the next morning I could tell a considerable difference in pain and visual disturbances. Since that time I have continued to improve remarkably. Also, to my surprise, the hearing in my right ear improved. I have been wearing a hearing aid for quite some time. It’s the type, which is adjusted by the doctor. It had to be adjusted down a lot and now I am finding myself going without it often. Even without my hearing aid, I can hear conversation well now. Pretty amazing!

family at Abingdon Chiropractic office

I’m feeling better than I have felt in years. – Linda

Chronic Back Pain

I heard about Dr. Musick through a long line of events in July 2000. I knew enough about health to know that his “whole being” treatments were different and it made sense to me.

I had suffered from a back injury and back pain for 20 years. I had tried a lot of methods to rid myself of the pain. I went to three different Chiropractors, used exercise, heat, ice, massage, magnets, chi machine, herbs, vitamins and T.E.N.S., tried reflexology, Iridology, practiced meditation, prayer and positive thinking, spending thousands of dollars to no avail.

When I came to Dr. Tim, I loved the relaxed atmosphere of the office; everyone was very helpful and friendly. After about a month, I was seeing improvement and wanted my family to have the benefit of Network Chiropractic. Two daughters, a son-in-law and five granddaughters began to receive treatment.

My granddaughter, Hannah, had been diagnosed with scoliosis, a lateral curvature of the spine. The medical doctor she was seeing recommended a brace or surgery to correct it. After treatment from Dr. Musick, her back is straight and her health improved. Another granddaughter, Haley, had a very serious eating disorder and emotional problems. Now she is eating normally and is healthy and happy. Dr. Musick found a serious thyroid problems in yet another granddaughter, Mandy. Medical doctors had missed it. She received the help she needed and it changed her life completely. She is doing better in school and feeling like a new person. My daughter, Angie, couldn’t turn her head enough to check for safety when driving. She has improved to normal movement of her neck. Everyone has seen a lot of improvement.

The pain that I experienced caused by tension has improved and I’m feeling better than I have felt in years. I just turned sixty and recently bought a bicycle rack for my car, along with two bikes. I do gardening, mowing and all kinds of work that I was unable to do in the past without being in back pain.

My family travels from Kingsport together each week for treatment. We enjoy the family time together.

We have learned a lot about correct diet, relaxation, juicing, drinking water and how all these things work together to promote health. Healing the body is a lot more than just getting rid of the pain.

I can never thank Dr. Musick and his staff enough for the great work they are doing and I’m thankful that my mind was open enough to follow the path that brought me here. It really was an answered prayer.

I also noticed, with the continuous improvement, I was even handling the stresses of my job better. - Jill

I also noticed, with the continuous improvement, I was even handling the stresses of my job better. – Jill

Recurring Neck and Shoulder Pain

Hello. My name is Jill Minnick and I am an operating room nurse. Before receiving care from Dr. Musick, I suffered from intense recurrent neck and shoulder pain, terrible allergies, and recurrent headaches. Celebrex, Aleve, and Fiorinal, were apart of my daily life and even though I had injections into my neck and shoulder, nothing was working to resolve the problems. It seemed I was constantly having to take pain pills and using nasal sprays and anti-histamines. Often the pain was so bad it would bring me to tears. On top of this, I really wanted to loose weight but all of the pain and other problems were holding me back. That’s when I saw Dr. Musick and decided to begin receiving chiropractic care.

Soon, I began to feel better and better. I also noticed, with the continuous improvement, I was even handling the stresses of my job better. Today, I’m certainly glad that I tried chiropractic care with Dr. Musick. I no longer need to take all those drugs because my body feels continuously comfortable as a rule. Plus, I can now exercise again and have lost 48 pounds! Now that I have regained my health and feel well, I still choose to get adjusted once a week. This is my healthy habit because it keeps me tuned up and feeling great.